Monday, October 15, 2018

Zimbabwean military: Grace Mugabe’s pull down to succeed the husband.

  • Zimbabwean military: Grace Mugabe’s pull down to succeed the husband.

President Mugabe was questioned by his military to control his wife – Grace Mugabe by preventing her to run for predency. The miliary alledgly promised President Mugabe to stop supporting him if his wife continued with her plans of campaigning.

Happyton Bonyongwe the Zimbabwean Central Intellingence Organization General Director says it will be impossible for her to succed her husband since she presently faces opposition from within the military which is the most threatening body of the country.

Her opposition from the army came as a result of her publicly criticized by  the greatest supporters of her husband President Mugabe. This made her opposition nicknaming her ” The first lady from hell.”

These same supporters of her husband also criticized President Mugabe of highly mismanaging the country.

In response, Mugabe reportedly asked his wife to refrain from attacking the veterans and pleaded with her to support her main political rival, Deputy President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Party Division

Of recent, President Mugabe a large number of Zimbabweans have been rebelling against him including members of his party. They are accusing him of putting the country’s economy in a mess.

This can be confirmed looking at after the fall of basic services, high unemployment rate and cash shortage.

The 93 years old – President Mugabe despite the pressure from his party members to retire says he will run for the 2018 elections as he promised his supporters that he will rule for life.





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