Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Zimbabwean man pledges his wife at a bottle store bet.


Wanders shall never end as we always say. This time around we are faced with a football addict. It is alledge that a 26 years old man known as Charles Jambaya pledge his wife Caroline of 22 years old over Real madrid – Juventus champion league final.

He had a verbal agreement with a 30 years old Eugene Gumbo with the terms that if Real madrid win Juventus he will give his wife to Eugene. Eugene on his part gave his terms that if Juventus wins over Real madrid he will give Charles a sum of $500.

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Charles was not lucky enough and eventually lost the bet to Eugene. when Eugene asked him where is his win, Charles responded that his wife is at home.

Eugene ran to Charles’ house and told the wife he had win her in a bottle store bet. Caroline laughed thinking Eugene was jocking. When she realised how serious he was, she ran to her aunt’s house and narrated the mess her husband had put her into.

The matter was reffered to a traditional court.

Women, what will you do to your husband if you were in Caroline’s shoes? 



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