Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Zimbabwe: young female nurse commits suicide leaving behind shocking note.


It is confirm that a Miss Elain Mondoho a second year student from Gweru Provincial hospital early this week commited suicide. ZimNews-Net confirms that on may 29, she appeared before the board of provincial doctors and was dismissed for alledgly forging the signature of a supervisor at the clinic and gross insorbination. According to Miss Elain Mondoho, she was judged unfairly.

According to her she was not the first to commit such a crime. She claimed that other students such as herself have been commiting such crimes and went scot free but hers is equivilent to a dismisal.

She was dismissed alongside with other students who parttook in the same crime as her.

With the anger, dissapointment and frustration she put herself in , Miss Elain Mondoho commited suicide. She left behind a ‘suicide note’ that led everyone questioning. (See below)

In her note she named those that led her to her evil act and give her fair wells to those she loves.

Miss Elain Mondoho suicide note




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