Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Zimbabwe threaten to close border traffic with SA


The Zimbabwe Cross Borders Transport Association revealed it will close the borders if xenophobic attacks against its citizens continue.

Sparking this threat from the ZCBTA is the nationwide truck driver strike in South Africa, which is fueled by mounting tensions between local and foreign national drivers. Over the last year, there have been dozens of incidents of attacks on trucks as tensions flare.

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Now, ZCBTA chair Dennis Juru has threatened to respond by stopping all cross border transport of the attacks continue.

“Due to threats by South African nationals that on September 2, 2019 they are embarking on an attack to foreign national drivers, the International Cross-Border Traders Association executive has resolved that if this plan succeeds, we are going to stop all South Africa-registered trucks, buses and flights to cross borders to any African nation,” read the statement.

“Foreign truck drivers have work permits to work in South Africa. The government of South Africa found it necessary to give foreign nationals work permits, allowing them to take employment in South Africa. No one has monopoly of violence.

“If they turn to be violent to foreign nationals, our organisation shall respond accordingly. We have previously witnessed foreign nationals killed, assaulted and threatened without a single person being arrested or prosecuted.”



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