Monday, October 15, 2018

Zimbabwe: President Mnangagwa Visits opposition leader – Morgan Tsvangira


President Mnangagwa and Vice President Chiwenga chat with Morgan Tsvangirai and his wife at Morgan Tsvangirai house in Highlands. Morgan Tsvangirai is the main opposition party leader.

Morgan Tsvangirai has been sick for a very long time but he still enjoys the support of many Zimbabweans. Morgan Tsvangirai was the only hope for Zimbabweans to remove President Mugabe from the Office & in the eyes of many Zimbabweans he is seen as a Hero.

In a free & fair elections, nobody can beat Tsvangirai. Morgan Tsvangirai can win the Presidential elections with a big margin in a free & fair elections. Nobody knows the purpose of President Mnangagwa’ s visit to Tsvangirai but we don’t believe these were negotiations to share power but just a social visit to check on ailing Tsvangirai because Power sharing deals are done behind closed doors without cameras rolling. So who comes out as a winner ? President Mnangagwa of course…Why President Mnangagwa is the winner ? The whole world is watching & seeing Mnangagwa visiting Tsvangirai at his house, may seem as President Mnangagwa & Tsvangirai are getting along…but we all know politics is a dirty game.

In the eyes of some Zimbabweans they may see President Mnangagwa as a good man because President Mugabe never had time to entertain Opposition parties…it was his way & his way only.



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