Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Zimbabwe: Married nurses caught cheating 


Failure to report for work has exposed married cheats.
Patience Ndavambi, a married student nurse’s beer binge with equally married Eddy Mutimutema at Mverechena night club is said to have ended at dawn and they both failed to report for duty which sold out their love nest.

The two are at Makubi hospital and the hospital raised concern over the conduct of the student. The issue was amicably resolved.

“The two were called by the hospital authorities and warned over putting their profession in disrepute. Ndavambi is married but the love of money led her to give in to Mutimutema’s se_xual demands and they failed to report for duty. They got so drunk that Ndavambi ended up putting Mutimutema’s pictures as her profile picture on whatsapp and lied to her husband that it was in memory of one of her late workmate. That profile picture exposed their affair and they were called by hospital authorities where they exposed three other student nurses cheating with married hospital staff members,” revealed the source.

Mutimutema confirmed cheating with Ndavambi describing her as someone too loose to be called a married woman.

“I just invited her for gochi gochi and she complied and we enjoyed until dawn that we could not report for duty. We had quality time, I cannot call her my girlfriend ndezvekungofarawo,” said Mutimutema.

“I am married but I do not think Ndavambi is married, if she is married mmmmmmmmm pakaipa anodhakwa zvekusara ari musvo. She is someone who is so desperate maybe she was after a dollar to make a meal since they do not get any cash, who told you all this and why me and Ndavambi only we were warned over failing to report for work but it’s now water under the bridge,” said Mutimutema.

Ndavambi refused to entertain H-Metro only to change her profile status to read ‘Rumours are carried by haters spread by fools and accepted by idiots’.



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