Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Yaoundé: National Printing Works Employee On Strike.


Employees of the national printing works have been on strike since Monday, November 13, 2017 at the head office of the national printing in Yaounde in front of the DGRE. For good reason, they claim 2 months of unpaid wages, recalls of the advancements and overtime that had to be taken into account since 2011.

Their wrath goes to their supervisory ministers, in particular the Minister of Communication, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, the Minister of Finance, the main creditor of the printed matter of the financial boards, the Minister of Finance. Secondary education in the production of printing materials for national examinations, the University of Yaounde 2 and Ngaoundere. Until this morning no official reaction outside the social networks and media. This event will continue until next Friday as follows if no solution is found: Tomorrow Wednesday morning sit-in before the Minfi, Thursday before the Minesec and finally Friday before the Mincom.

Let’s remember that in April 2017, the Trade Union Officials and the Staff Delegates had seized the President of the Republic for a lasting solution by proposing the establishment for the benefit of the national printing works of a monthly allocation framed by a system compensation to support the accounts. After reconciliation of the operations carried out throughout the budget year on the receivables of the company treated by these departments which will be used initially: The coverage of the wage costs according to the resolutions of 29/11/2016 held at the service of the PM and finally, a revolving fund for the pre-financing of administrative paperwork orders, in order to allow the national printing works, a public company in difficulty, to meet the recurrent costs and its exploitation. This grievance has been transmitted by the SGPR to the Minfi since September 2017 and a meeting was held at the Minfi 19/09/2017 to take effect from 2 January 2018. Currently employees want to know the follow-up given to this complaint by the Minfi .



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