Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Wondering Why She Will Never Sleep With You?


Wondering Why She Will Never Sleep With You?

Sometimes you try so hard just in order she gives you that chance. You even sleep on same bed but still nothing happens lol. She gives you the impression that you are a ‘Priest’. They are obviously reasons as to why she acts as such. It has been proven that it takes only 30 seconds for a lady to make a choice of laying in bed with you or not after the first meeting.

Read along as we uncover what you have been doing wrong.


Women are are always attracted to confident guy. All women can testify that monent when they appraoches a confident man approaches and says ‘hi’. Confidence perharps makes them feel secure.

His Words:

yoh, some guys just spoil the whole show when they can’t put together a single sentence. Just be a master of your language if you want a quality girl who knows her worth.


When i talk of appearance i am sure all that comes into your mind is the looks.  Nope, don’t be deceived. Appearance all entails his dresses, his style, scent(yeah scent) and also his cleanliness.

Sense of Humor:

To be honest with you guys, this works all the time and never has it fail any guy(only if fire dry jokes). Every girl simply wants to laugh. Her laughing out loud makes her more open to you which is an added advantage. Making her smile is not enough. Make her laugh like you are her Trevor Noah.

Be Romantic:

If you like you keep making her laughing because i said so my friend, you will only end at the friend zone level and not exploit other parts of her sociality.  Also be romantic. Gifts and attention always win the battle when it comes to playing the Romeo. Trust me.

Be Real:

Don’t be afraid to talk about the things you’re not good at, and even better, if those are things she’s good at. Hey guys, try to limit the lies. I usually extend too far i myself but it’s not a good habbit to adapt. Just be real. The truth lives for ever whereas The lie dies in no time before you know.

Listen to her: ‘Nuff said.



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