Tuesday, December 11, 2018

#WomenMonth Turns Bad As A 26-years-old Woman Who Was Reported Missing Has Been Discovered Dead


After the trending kidnapping, raping and abusing of women since the beginning of the year, one could think these practices will give a chance for women to enjoy their month peacefully but it is not the case as a guy hunts down his girlfriend.

An arrest warrant was issued to arrest the victim’s boyfriend. He was arrested last week and found in connection with other similar murder cases.

The victim’s aunt says the couple have been together for years and even shared a 2 years old child. 

“Aviwe was in an abusive relationship with this boyfriend. Aviwe’s mother tried to warn Aviwe of this, but she wouldn’t listen. She loved [her] boyfriend, so there was nothing we could do about it.”

The boyfriend did not only end his rascality to Aviwe but he extended it to her family as the reports that he once attached Aviwe’s step dad with a panga because he thought they were hiding her from him. The attack resulted to him getting 12 stitches.



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