Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Woman gives birth at Park station when 3 hospitals turn her down


A woman known as Francine Ngalula Kalala from Pretoria gave birth at the johannesburg train station because she was rejected from hospitals due to her assylum status.

When she started labouring early this morning at about 2am she was taken to two different hospitals in the capital Pretoria and was denied treatment. Being frustrated she took a train to Johannesburg in order to check in to another hospital. Note should be taken that from Pretoria to Johannesburg is about 35 minutes using the train. In her state she, it was not easy to sustain the journey with all the pains. So she spent her time vomiting on passengers  while they tried to assist her.

On arrival in Johannesburg at Park station at about 7:17am, she couldn’t take it anylonger because she had been in labour for about 4 to 5 hours. There she gave birth at Park station. The ambulance came and took the baby and her to the hospital and there she was rejected again. But a 4th hospital did take her.



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