Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Normally relationships were meant to be enjoyed, it is supposed to be two people where both parties tolerate the errors of the other.

 Yet there are some things that happen in relationships which the opposing party has to quit

1. When cheating becomes frequent

Cheating is a common problem In most relationships, but this becomes a problem when the cheating becomes frequent. 

That Is like in a case where your partner cheats, is caught but yet cheats again, this goes to show a lack of respect and the best advice to quit this relationship.

2. When your life is at risk

It is normal for couples to fight argue or disagree on certain issues. 

However any relationship that threatens your physical and emotional self is not a good relationship for you. 

So if you find yourselves in a relationship where your partner keeps using you as a punching bag, you are advice to quit.

3. Forced communication

Communication is very important or vital in a relationship; however this should not be one party forcing the other to talk to him or her. 

So if you find yourself wherein your partner no longer picks your calls , reply your messages or talks to you, then you should start looking for the door out because where there is love ❤️ communication is bound to exist.

4. No feelings anymore

People change, time also changes, when the feelings are no longer there, there is no need in wasting time. 

Staying in a relationship where feelings are dead can be a living hell. Its better to just quit than trying to draw water from a dry well.


However tolerance, forgiveness are needed in relationship to ensure longitivtiy. And quitting is the last option after all options have already failed.

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