Saturday, November 17, 2018
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After Weed, Now Laughing Gas becoming A Drug


After Weed, Now Laughing Gas becoming A Drug

Student becomes parallyse after taking an overdoze of laughing gas  capsules. At first the student took a couple of gas capsules at a party while he was studying in the US then the addiction worsen.

There were times he enhalled a thousand capsules in a day, he confessed. Many users as him described the experience as sensational.

It was too late for a Chinese student who woke up to the realization that he couldn’t walk. He found himself going home after school in a wheel chair.

Doctors say that Laughing gas causes damages to the nervous system. Some of the effects of Laughing gas are difficulties in walking and gripping.

Note should be made at this point that Laughing gas is use for baking but students in China prefer inhaling the the gas as a sort of drug.

Consumers of laughing gas say they easily purchase laughing gas in different online stores for just $5 for 10 capsules and it is totally legal since the the gas is not the restriction substance list.




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