Saturday, November 17, 2018
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VIRGINITY:Compulsory condition for marriage in Tunisia


A Tunisian woman is required to be a virgin before she gets married, this has led in the increase of women seeking operations to repair their broken hymens.

This happens to be the case of Yasmine, a 28 year old Tunisian woman who narrated her story to a British journalist on how she has to undergo this kind of operation to protect her marriage.

In order to do this Yasmine found herself in a private hospital in Tunis where she met with many other women facing the same problem.

This operation Which is going to last 30 minutes would cost Yasmine $400. And she has been saving for many months to be able to raise this money.

Her marriage would take place in two months and Yasmine who was born into a liberal family has spent a lot of years out of the country and is scared that if her fiancé comes to find out about her past sexual life, he would annul the marriage.

She testifies to have had and affaire with a certain man in her past but had no idea that their relationship would affect her in this way.

There have been many reports of women who had been divorced not long after marriage for not fulfilling the virgin condition.

Tunisia is seen as a leader in North Africa for the respect of women’s rights but tradition still plays a great role on society and this tradition says that women should remain virgins till they get married

This is also supported by the Tunisian law which allows a man to divorce his wife if he discovers that she is not a virgin




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