Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Unexpected flood hits Joburg again


Johannesburg commuters experienced major delays on Monday when the city’s busy M1 highway was flooded by early morning rains.

The problem‚ according to Rob Byrne [email protected]‚ was on the double decker section in the city centre: “JHB – M1 North (Update): RT @phashatb @TrafficSA morning Rob rain water on crown interchange north double decker bridge and a bus stuck”.

He also tweeted that the issue had caused a logjam far to the south of the city:

That section of the M1 is a usual scene of congestion due to extensive rehabilitation works.

Accidents on the wet roads had also caused major issues at the Gilloolys Interchange‚ leading to heavy congestion on the N3 and N12 highways.

The problems could extend into Monday afternoon as Gauteng Weather [email protected] warned that: “OUTLOOK: Early forecast suggests STRONG T-STORMS with HEAVY RAIN possible in Gauteng this week.”

While highs of 27°C were predicted‚ there was a 51% chance of rain in the province on Monday.

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