Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Uber SA & Taxify, reasons why Meter taxi owners are broke


Uber SA and Taxify known by their competitors as ‘App taxis’ has made transportation easy and affordable with their great app it comes along with. Also they have increased the employment rate of the country , over 8000 employments have been created so far since the introduction of the new form of transportation in South africa.

Uber and Taxify services are highly rated for the services they provide. All their cars are always clean and are known for the classy treatment they give all their clients unlike the meter taxis.
some people say they can’t use the meter taxis again because they are costly and they are not clean enough as the Uber taxis and Taxify. “ they are expensive for nothing” says a passerby. 

On the other hand it is observed that the ‘App taxis’ are shortening the income of the meter taxis, hence making them poorer. the ‘App taxi’ being extra cheap as compared to the meter taxis also give consumers no choice than to out choice the meter taxis. 

The meter taxis owners don’t find it funny as they are slowly kicked out of the transportation market by the ‘App taxis’. this has given them no choice than to insight violence by beating up the Uber taxi drivers and Taxify drivers.

These meter taxis/App taxis battles are putting their users at risk and fear as the meter taxi drivers turn out to even beat the ‘app taxis’ clients. 

“We all know how competitive the economy is becoming and these meter taxi drivers should just step up their game. They won’t loose. They shouldn’t be too extravagant as they are”  says another person. 

In Pretoria this matter is taken very serious and they are red zones now that one can’t find the ‘app taxis’. The government is still to give a say on the ongoing cold war between the meter taxis and the ‘app taxis’.



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