Thursday, November 15, 2018
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#TrashChallenge trending in Cameroon ?? [Pictures]


Trash Challenge as they call it has been trending in the territory for a week now.
Dr Makon, who became a bad conscience of the power of the dictator Paul Biya, has just embarked on a revolutionary initiative, filming himself, taking his breakfast and reading his newspaper in front of the mountains of dustbins that illustrate perfectly in what shit the Swiss holidaymaker Has plunged Cameroon
The style of criticism might be funny for readers but there’s a strong message behind these pictures.

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We hope this revolution brings a change as it criticise the government of how dirty they keep the streets.

The government has put in place a cleaning body which is in charge for cleaning of all the trash in the capital city -Yaoundé and other main cities such as Douala, Bafoussam, Edea and Limbe but still the roads are still dirty.

We call this initiative “Challenge bins”. Post your photos here with the rubbish bins in your neighborhood and make a good album.



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