Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Whereabouts of Hanson Fonjah Muki Director Cameroon report still unknown


What could have happened to Hanson Fonjah Muki, Director of Cameroon report has left many wondering however  sources have it that  since Sunday July 30, 2017, that Hanson Fonjah has been arrested and sent to Yaounde, an unconfirmed source say.

Another report  from another contact says Hanson Muki who also doubles as the chief executive officer of Cameroon Broadcasting Service is still in Bamenda and currently at the Judicial police station. This hasn’t yet been announced but a lot of people are suspecting that he might have been arrested following the content of his Newspaper, Cameroon Report. The recent edition carried some critical but touching reports concerning a certain new interim President of a certain Country.

It should be noted here that reporting matters wich concern the state should be handled with a lot of care this is the point held by Peter Esoka, president of National Communication Counsel who told Journalists in the North West Region to be reporters not supporters. Because according to the Uncle P, gathering just what you see, with balance and unbiased reporting will spare you from being implicated but once you gather an information and publish without carrying out proper investigations, you will end up implicating yourself.

But for now,  the fate of Hanson Muki is not clear and many are praying he doesn’t suffer the fate of his counterparts held at the Kondegui Maximum security prison.




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