Sunday, April 22, 2018

The WeekEnd: “Shocked and offended”, he leaves H & M


The singer did not appreciate the Swedish brand’s advertising, showing a black child with a sweatshirt with the inscription “The coolest monkey in the jungle“.

The slippage of H & M at the launch of its new collection for children, January 8, 2018, caused a scandal on social networks. For its campaign, the Swedish brand had a young black boy wearing a hoodie with the inscription “Coolest monkey in the jungle“.

Canadian singer The Weeknd has also expressed his discomfort on Twitter. He said he would not collaborate with the brand anymore. “I got up this morning shocked and embarrassed by this photograph. I am deeply offended and will no longer work with H & M in the future, “he wrote. The 27-year-old artist collaborated with the firm in 2017, posing for advertisements in the spring and drawing a collection in the fall.

H & M had already apologized after the much-maligned advertisement, explaining that “the image had been removed from all websites and the product would not be available for sale in the United States.”

Other celebrities have also reacted on social networks. Rapper Puff Daddy and basketball player LeBron James published the image of the child by modifying the text on his sweater. “The king of the world”, can we read in the place of the initial inscription. “H & M, you did not understand anything. In this picture, I see a young king. We African Americans will always have to fight to show that we are part of this country, “the sportsman wrote.



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