Monday, December 17, 2018
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Since from the days of its creation to date, facebook has proven to be one of the most popular sites which has connected millions and millions of people worldwide. Each facebook user however has what he goes on this social media site to do. 

In Cameroon in particular, it is common to find people who spend almost the day and week on facebook.

 To answer the question of what these guys are always doing online would be answered in this report

1 Those searching for love

Some guys join this social media in a quest for love. These guys go further to fill their walls with varicose types of attractive pictures hoping to attract the opposite sex to them. 

This however has led to the modern trend of online dating, where guys date people who are kilometers away, who might never meet in real life. 

Most of the people searching for love on facebook are however those who are not bold enough to talk to people of the opposite sex they meet in real life, so they prefare to sit in the secrecy of their rooms and throw their love nets wich is often manifested in the comments they make when an attractive person of the opposite sex publishes a pic (“baby you look muah, bae is gorgeous, pretty princess, cute guy…”)

2 The political kind of people

These are the kind of people who go on facebook to express their political discomfort or their appraisal for political ideas they believe in. 

These kind of people are always quick to comment on current affaires, they also come out with picture and video reactions to the daily happenings around them. 

One of the most common posts from this type of people however is photos of dilapidating roads buildings or other government installations. 

The most common weakness of such people however is that they never bother whether the information they are spreading is true or false

3 the “likers”

These type of people are always connected 24/24, 7/7 but all they ever do Is to like the pictures of others.

Whether the pic is nice, these kind of people do not care all they do is to like it, most of them even like pictures before looking at the content. Maybe these categories of people think they are prizes to be won by people who like the most pictures

4 the commentators

Unlike the “likers” who just like pictures, the group of commentors spend their own time commenting on every picture they set eyes on “cooool, wooooooow,wonders, chaiiiiii, nice, …” can be seen all over as proof that these guys just passed around.

5 The ghost

These are people on whom you find no sign of live on their pages, no posts, no profile picture update. 

But the truth is that those who fall in this category see all, they read everything people post but instead show their feelings in the quite of their rooms

6 The frustrated types

These are those whom nothing pleases online, their photos always sad, its either they have been abused, betrayed, maltreated, rejected or forgotten. 

These type of people spend their facebook time in posting sad quotes

7 The philosophical type

These are people who spend their own time in posting philosophical posts which I wonder if they themselves understand what they are posting, at times one needs to read their post ten times before understanding it.

8 The religious type

“Share this post to 10 people and be blessed, don’t share and you are doomed” this type of threats are now common on social media spread by the religious people. 

Most of these messages are however very long messages which are hard to read, they often carry a touching story or a biblical message in which the author of the post asks viewers to share or face consequences.

9 The addicted ones

These are the people who can post 20 pics in just 20 minutes, they keep no part of their lives private, from the time they enter the bathroom to the day they get a degree.

The world should just know everything about them, they post pictures and videos of all parts of their bodies, in thousand different positions and colorings. 

This does not really stop here, they check every 5 minutes to see if someone just recently liked or commented on their pics. To this class of people, likes are a great achievement for them.

10The new comers

These are those fresh men who are just testing the social experience, this can be seen from the blurry and funny posed photos they post in a bid to act as their elders.

In the end of all this everyone knows what he or she is looking for on facebook, and he or she knows what to do to get the results he or she wants. The truth however that facebook has become an addiction to many youths cannot be ignored…


Fabric Nouanga(edited)



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