Monday, December 10, 2018
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The SDF takes a more solid stand in the current Anglophone crises


The Social Democratic Front has decided to take a more solid stand in the current Anglophone crises. The Highest Decision Making Body of the main opposition party in Cameroon says the Anglophone Situation has been analysed and discovered that there are two Extremists in Cameroon. The statement was disclosed by the deputy national communication officer of the Social Democratic Front after the National Executive Committee, (NEC) met on Saturday September 16, 2017, in Ntarinkon, Bamenda II subdivision, Mezam division of the North West Region.

According to Nkemlemo Denis, SDF Assistant National Secretary for Communication, one of the extremist is the Government, who don’t want to talk with anybody, as far as the form of the State is concerned and the other Extremists are the Separatists, who want us to separate our ways. After being given the rostrum by Beatrice Anembom Monju, the National Secretary for Communication, Nkemlemo, added that in between the two extremists, we have SDF which is more realistic that the middle ground is Federalism. So that the people can manage their own affairs according to their orientation and culture as the party has seen succeeded elsewhere. He used the media briefing to disclosed that about 80million CFA F, has been allocated for the upcoming convention programmed on October 2017.

” We have discovered that most of the people who are clamoring for outright session or separation are being sponsored. Some are even sponsored by the CPDM to render our position of Federalism more unpopular because they wanted to bring us to thesame basket where they are. You can better tell me how unpopular there are amongst the Anglophone community. So they are looking for ways to also make us unpopular, so that we can also be on thesame basket but did not come out very clear to reinstate a stand that we want to move Cameroon forward.

The SDF stands by the Federal system government that I’d our principal idealogy. That what NEC has to do is to accelerate the pressure on the regime to make sure that Federal system is adopted because it’s very very shocking that since this chaotic situation started, the regime has been so adamant in not listening to anybody.

So the SDF has decided that they will push the Federalism agenda more forcefully now to make the regime take a concrete action towards that because the SDF is the only political party now that holds the peace of Cameroon, if we decide to go the way of the separatists, you know what will happened to this country”. Those were the exact words of the assistant national communication Secretary of the frontline party, the Social Democratic Front.




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