Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Lot of people nowadays put on human hair without the notion of where it comes from. some people even kill one another because of human hair. the story that lies behind human hair is very sad and painful to know.
Heard some women saying when they put on human hair they feel courageous and feel seductive.
The question is, where do you think the owner of that hair is? is he/she alive or death?

Most of the human hair sold across the world comes from china and India respectively. Most of the women go to the temple to cut their hair as a sacrifice in order for protection and for healing.


And they know their hair will be later on gathered and burnt but behind the scenes their hair is gathered but not burnt. they are sold to hair factories who processes them and send to the Market.
Some others willingly sell their hair in order to earn a living; though not all as seen in the case bellow.

In some cases parents/ guardians forcefully cut the hair of their children themselves and take to the hair dealers and sell.
human hair is very expensive to afford but yet the quantity bought per month keeps increasing.img_0777
nowadays if a girl don’t put on human hair she is not considered up to standard amongst her fellow friends. some are even scared of going out at night because they are scared they might cut off the human hair from their head. with all this we hope humanity is safe.



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