Monday, December 10, 2018

The main leader of the Ambazonian forces has been arrested


This statement was made in an exclusive interview to the CRTV, Wednesday August 9, 2017, over the 7:30pm English News cast.

The government of Cameroon through its spokesman revealed that the main leader of the “Southern Cameroon Liberation movement” alongside 5 accomplices, have been apprehended in the Momo divisional headquarters Mbengwi in possession of assaulted military weapons.

In the press outing, the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary went ahead to reveal that the high level classified weapons included emi-automatic firearms, night vision devices with a telemeter laser, shooting goggles, a firing episcope equipped with amour plating, Bi-pods and tripods for precision weapons, gun chargers for snipers, containers equipped with explosive charges, chemicals as explosive charges, detonator cords, explosive device switches, timers and other devices for the manufacturing of improvised explosive devices and firearms.

Issa Chiroma however  reiterated that the suspects under police custody, Dasi Alfred and 5 others were discovered with ammunition and high level military weapons. He added that the arrested persons, headed by Dasi Alfred, said they are part of the team of Ambazonia defense forces.




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