Friday, November 15, 2019

The Bakiningili people plead for the release of former PM Ephraim Inoni ahead of 2018 elections


Novenas have been said, special intentions offered, group, family and community exorcism supplicated to God, yet the fate of former Prime Minister and Head of Government, Chief Ephraim Inoni, has remained unchanged as the erstwhile apologist of the Biya regime is still languishing at the Yaounde Kondengui Maximum Security Prison.

Troubled by the absent of their Chief, the people of Bakingili have been praying to President Paul Biya, soliciting the Head of State to forgive the transgressions of their Chief and rescue him from the confines of the prison walls, especially as the countdown to the 2018 presidential polls draw closer.

According to the aborigines of Bakingili, life has not been the same in the village again, since the incarceration of the custodian of their culture and tradition.
The notables of the village told media men and women during a recent community gathering that since their traditional ruler was nabbed and whisked off into detention, the development of the village has remained stagnant.
“Chief Inoni was the driving force behind our development. Ever since he was arrested and taken away to Yaounde, everything has remained at a standstill. We are appealing to the President to forgive him for whatever he did wrong so that he may return and continue to implement Government development vision,” one of the notables of the village stated.
Besides the absence of a development catalyst like Chief Inoni, the people also bemoaned that the decision of the Government to jail their Chief has robbed them of a leader. They complained that many imposters are now emerging in the village trying to ascend the vacant throne because of the absence of their Chief.

Meanwhile, the Bakingili people also raised an alarm that the village is becoming a political shifting ground and feared that the opposition may take over control of the area that was hitherto under the firm grip of the ruling CPDM, due to the rallying force of their Chief.
Being an election year, the people think that the release of Chief Inoni at this period in time will boost the confidence of the people and instil trust in the National Chairman of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), which according to them, has always been the people’s party in the area.
It would be recalled that the former Prime Minister was arrested and jailed for the embezzlement of public funds, especially money that was meant to purchase a plane for the President of the Republic.





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