Friday, February 23, 2018
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Teachers at Douala University go on strike due to lack of toilets on campus


At the end of the consternation, the revolt is required as a prose in a novel “says a thinker, and compressed by a discomfort that has long lasted, the teachers of the University of Douala expressed their discomfort on Tuesday in view of lack toilets and offices that prevail within their university institution.

According to the CRTV radio relaying information, the meeting held November 21 between the members of the National Union of Teachers of the Superior (Synes branch of the Littoral) and officials of the administration of the University of Douala gave birth to a mouse in other words no agreement was found between the two parts.

“It was a movement of interpellation to bring the adversary party to reconsider the way of treating us, and possibly to call us around a table to propose us concrete things, it is almost 25 years since the teachers of the University of Douala work in these deplorable conditions, without toilets and offices “says Dr. Eyango Djombi. The strike of the teachers of the University of Douala is extended until November 26



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