Friday, April 20, 2018


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Mysterious Fairy Circles Appear In Namibia’s Desert

In the Namib Desert of southern Africa, strange circles dot the landscape as regularly as polka-dots on a dress. The bare spots are ringed by lush grass. These structures are known as fairy circles. The fairy circles repeat for miles – and how they came to be is hotly debated. Scientists are divided regarding their origin: animal or vegetable? “What’s the role of animals? Do they play a crucial role, or is this just plants self-organizing?” said Dr. Robert Pringle of Princeton, who recently visited Utah State University to speak...

Namibia: Zimbabweans Match In Front Of Their Embassy In Windhoek

Mugabe must go down was all we could hear from the protesters. Since the week started the Zimbabwean army has put the president under a house arrest amicably asking him to resign as the president of the country and go rest. This was followed after the Vice President Mnanangwa was sacked from he's post b president Mugabe saying he has been disloyal. For fear of death Mnanangwa fled to South Africa ??. This brought missed feelings in the minds of Zimbabwean citizens as rumours spread out that Mugabe might put...
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Namibia: Minister Encourages Boys To Guard themselves Against Older Women Who Want To Use Them Sexually

Gender Equality Minister, Doreen Sioka has told a crowd of young people to stop engaging in sexual activity for money.The minister encouraged boys to guard themselves against older women who want to use them sexually while telling girls that sugar daddies will never leave their wives. // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Speaking frankly to school girls in the crowd, she told them to not engage in early sex saying, "its hard to say no to that chocolate once you've tasted it." She said early sex threatens the education of...