Friday, December 13, 2019

T.H-C’S “Fcuk Boy” video finally out !!!


The clip, which was directed by David Chimzizi & T.H-C, shows how T.H-C In his daily life, talking about his feelings and his hopes about the girl who he thought was the love of his life – The song fcuk-boy is about T.H-C dealing with the realization that a relationship he thought would last forever, is over and his fear that he might never find another partner like the girl he is talking about.

He is trying to let the world know that although he seems satisfied with what the world would deem as instant sexual gratification from different women. He is actually in search of a woman that will complete him and fill the void he feels which was left by the girl he was hustling with and for.

He speaks about how he feels so awkward, speaking to her

“After all that happens between you and a lover, with all the hurt, word exchanges, omitted feelings, things left unspoken. When communication is re-established, there will always be that tension”

He speaks about his dreams of how they would be spending the fruits of his labour and how she was worth all the changes he personally made for their relationship.

“It obviously hurts when you think someone is the ONE, but the universe doesn’t agree, you just have to accept and keeping it moving”.

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