Monday, December 17, 2018
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T.H-C commemorates the Great Steve Biko(*Video Must Watch*)


T.H-C is a bubbling hip hop artist from Cape Town, with his debut 7441-DoN, he is making waves with audiences, boasting a global audience, even being broadcasted on international Television shows and radio stations.In 2016 T.H-C released 7441-DoN to various platforms and has since released two music videos off the project, with Fcuk boy being the first and now Stoned Steve Biko


Stoned Steve Biko Intro to T.H-C’s 7441 DoN project is a song to commemorate the great Steve Biko who was a driving force for the unification of Africans. The song deals with South Africa’s recent Xenophobia attacks, and how Africans should come together so that Africa can reach its full potential. The song is not about race, rather about the inhabitants of Africa uniting.


The video was shot in newtown and features koffee, eli, KNG the rapper, t shows te expression of the united youth.

“Stoned Steve Biko” Music video by the infamous T.H-C Watseba was released this week, 1st April 2017 —> click HERE to watch the video.


This is the second music video to be released from his highly acclaimed “7441 DoN” project, released 21 September 2016.

The first music video released being “Fcuk Boy”, released 21 November 2016, sitting with over 13 000 happy viewers 

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