Saturday, November 17, 2018

Story time: “These Tears” Insert #3



We went to wimpy for breakfast. We were catching up while waiting on our food. I have always seen her as a big sister to me as much as we are the same age. She kept avoiding my questions when I would ask her about Tsholo and that was very much strange and awkward because Oratilwe always loved asking questions about my relationship with her brother.
Her conversation that day was just all about school, the weather, her life and just some lousy boring questions but anyway I just let her be.
Our food finally arrived and she kept glancing at me and silence filled the table. I stood up and went to the loo. Arg pregnancy sucks I know. Went to the loo, did my business then as I was about to step out the ladies, my phone rang, my brother Lulamile was calling.

Me : Big bro

Him : Sesi uphi?(where are you)

Me : Around wethu bhuti a friend took me out for breakfast. Why?

Him : No was just asking since you left early morning thina sisalele otherwise enjoy

Me : Mncwaah

I hung up then made my way back to our table.

Oratilwe : That was long

Me : Lol pregnancy dude plus my brother called just to check up on me.

Oratilwe : Oh ok I ordered another fruit cocktail for you.

Me : More reasons why I love you.

I gulped on my cocktail funny enough this one had a different taste but I didn’t mind at all. I gulped it all at once and Oratilwe ordered another one with a huge bright smile on her face. I didn’t mind afterall she is the one paying not me. We finished our food she settled our bill then she quickly requested an uber for me and told me she is rushing off to her boyfriend. I bid her farewell and soon enough I was now at home. Everyone was in the living room, they were snacking while playing games. After an hour I was feeling offish, my tummy was sore and I was so uncomfortable. My daughter tried rubbing my tummy cause that normally helps but instead the pain was becoming more and more worse. Everyone was in a panic mode at home, luckily I always carry my maternity bag everywhere ever since I was 7months pregnant. I remember looking for my phone and asking for water next thing I felt something coming out of my vagina, at first I thought my water broke but when I looked at my dress blood was coming out and heavily. Lulamile carried me to the car and I was just in so much pain, my throat and mouth were becoming more and more dry. What could be happening to me? When I gave birth to Sipahle nothing like this ever happened..



It felt as though Sakhiwo was driving slow for me, something was just not right with Siphatho. I mean she was up to date with her with her pregnancy routine check up, she was fine just yesterday and she is yet to give birth in a weaks time. Her complexion was slowly changing, skin was sweating and breathing heavily in pain, the blood flow was just too much to handle. All I could do in this state was to pray and give it all up to God cause we need to deliver this baby safe. We finally arrived at linksfield hospital and upon our arrival nurses and porters ran to assist us. They disappeared with her into one of the rooms while we filled in her information at the help desk. We were now all waiting impatiently then I decided to call Tsholo. He kept rejecting my calls. Maybe he was busy I don’t know. Sent a text alerting him and he didn’t even bother replying. Anyway he was the least of my worries. Time kept going people were just passing us, no one bothered to inform us on what was happening

Sisonke : But this is so unfair. Been 4 hours since we arrived but still no feedback

Lulamile : Tell me about it but ke okwangoku at this point kuzomele silinde(we just have to wait)

After another 2 hours that’s when the doctor came to us with a smile on his face.

Doc : Hi I am Dr Hlatshwayo. I understand our patient was being monitored by Dr Mtsi but unfortunately his at Bloemfontein right now performing a surgery there

Me : Ok how is my sister now? Has she gave birth yet?

Doc : No worries young man she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy

Me : Thank you so much we were all worried sick here.

Doc : She is a strong woman but however there just a few questions I would like to ask you because unfortunately she is now in i.c.u suffering severe womb and brain problems. Not to mention her heart is not functioning well. We were surprised how she managed to push and give birth in that state hence I am saying she is strong.

Me : How? What do you mean? She has never had those problems before

Doc : Exactly the same thing Mr Mtsi said to me over the phone. It is so unfortunate for us to tell you this but it seems like she either took an abortion pill or was food poisoned. We took her blood for tests just to confirm. Did she ever seem to be someone unhappy because of this pregnancy?

Me : No never uSphatho akasobe ayenze lonto. She loves that boy with every rib in her body. Early today she went out for breakfast with a friend and an hour later after she came back home that’s when her contractions started.

Doc : Kindly get contact details of that friend I need to ask her a few questions

Me ; I have her phone with me I will most certainly do so. Can I see my nephew now?

Doc ; Rather tomorrow please as he also suffered a bit, we have to observe him too. Go home young man your sister is in safe hands.

We just left without arguing. On the way home everyone was just quiet, everyone was in a world of their own. A lot of thoughts were going through my mind. Could she really have took an abortion pill? I doubt so. I mean why now? She seemed so happy, excited and ready to pop. Sakhiwo took her phone and said he will try making contact with her friend so I just let him be. When we arrived at home I just went straight up to my room only to find Sipahle sleeping so peacefully on my bed. I kissed her forehead then crawled in next to her.



If there is one thing I wasn’t prepared to do was to sleep without getting to the bottom of this. It definitely had to be food poisoning cause there is no way in hell she would ever drink an abortion pill. I browsed through her phone and apparently Oratilwe is the one who took her out for breakfast. I took my car keys and went straight to her place. Poor thing was fast asleep with headsets on. I pulled a chair, sat very close to her bed while looking at her snoring and release gas. She got the shock of her life when she saw me the second she opened her eyes..


Me : So tell me, what the fuck did you do to my sister?





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