Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Story time: “These Tears” Insert #2 


                    *** THESE TEARS ? ***

We were now at my brother’s place. I was just waiting on my brother to warm up my food. 

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My daughter was now awake and busy playing with her vrrrr phaaa(if you know what I mean). 

I was in the living room with my feet on the other end of the couch while watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, my food came and as we were about to pray we heard noise and people talking and we just knew that nguSakhile my other brother and our cousins. 

They came through to the living room, hugs and kisses were exchanged. I’m not a peoples person even when it comes to family but aba bona bendibathanda ngoba kaloku ndikule nabo. 

We have always been there for each other since childhood. 

We never had a fancy upbringing, Sakhile and I moved to Johannesburg when Lulamile started earning good money. 

My brother was never rich at first, he was just financially stable and was able to look after me and my brother, if it wasn’t for him we would still be living in Eastern Cape.

 My daughter has always been the favourite to everyone, maybe because she was too bubbly, chubby and loving, always welcoming and had the sweetest voice and charming small eyes and smile.


Sakhile : Bimbo kanti uzala nini nawena?(when are you giving birth)

Me : Ngendisiva ukuba ndimitiswe nguwe smanga(id answer you only if your father of this child)

Sakhile : NDikukhabe kemna(I will kick you)

Me : Ngosowugqibile. Unjani umfazi?(what you waiting for? Anyway how is the wife)

Sakhile : Hahahah which one?

Lulamile : Yho kawuve nje kwalonto(just imagine)

Me : I don’t think you will ever settle down and get married wena

Sakhile : One day is one day but for now just let the player do what he knows best.

We all laughed. We continued having a chat. Everyone was drinking except for me. 

When last did I sip on alcohol though? Straight after giving birth I will spoil myself with a bottle of dry red wine indeed just to reward myself I suppose.

 It was so nice spending time with my family its been a while shame. I even got a foot massage from my cousin Sisonke that night. 

I decided to call it a night, pregnancy kaloku. I went up to my room leaving them and my daughter behind.

 I took a quick shower drank my pills then dosed off the minute I put my head on the pillow. 

My phone was ringing and I was so irritated, I answered without even checking the caller i.d the way I was so irritated


Me : Yintoni?(what is it)

Caller : Is that how you greet your husband?

From there I just knew its Tsholo my own and only baby daddy and Prince Bae

Me : Yho babe what’s the time?

Him : Its 3:15am my love sorry for calling you at such a time I understand that I woke you up

Me : No it’s fine. Why you up anyway?

Him : Just got back from Mpumalanga babe I am so sorry for not alerting you, I was away for work babe

Me : Okay so does this mean we will see tomorrow?

Him : Eish I am sorry love but that is not possible I am driving to Cape Town at 7am for work really sorry babe

Me : For how long Tsholo? 2 months ended without you coming to see us, why you keep doing this to me cause I really need you right now

Him : I will be gone for just a week and a half I am really sorry but eish its work

Me : A week and a half Tsholo? I am giving birth this week, you expect me go through that alone again?

Him : Then what you expect me to do? Quit my job just for you? You still have more kids to give birth to why are you making this an issue?

He hung up straight after saying that. I must say I was hurt, very hurt, hurt to the core. 

I mean how can he just say something like that? But what was I expecting? My own brothers even warned me but no I decided not to listen.

 I tried calling him, he kept rejecting my calls, next thing his phone was now on voicemail.

 I went on whatsapp hoping to send him a message but to my surprise he had blocked me on whatsapp. Could this be an end to my relationship? I really don’t know..

Next morning I woke up, checked my app, was still blocked and when I tried calling he wouldn’t answer my calls so I sent him a text apologising for what happened.

 Its funny how I ended up blaming myself, maybe I was just too harsh on him, he’s working after all and I can’t just expect to separate him from work. 

His sister Oratilwe called, it was such a pleasant surprise since yesterday she never paid attention to me


Me : Hello

Her : Hey Bimbo ujwang?(how you)

Me : Ndiright wena?(I am good you)

Her : I am hungry I am outside lets go out for lunch

Me : I am by Lumi’s place sorry

Her : Send address I will uber myself

Me : Sharp I hung up.

I can never say no to free food yhuuu tshin thiza. I sent her the location on app then went to take quick shower then went downstairs. 

Yhuu everything was just a mess nje. I cleaned up a bit then quickly dressed up. She finally arrived looking good and fancy as always.

Me : Awusemhle(you look beautiful)

Her : Aren’t I always?

Me : Lol psssh drop the ego let me go get my purse I am coming

Her : Cool I will be waiting.



Things were now starting to get messy. Tsholo’s wife of 5years was now back in South Africa, she caught us all off guard and sadly Siphatho doesn’t know anything about all this. 

I have to make Siphatho lose that thing in her tummy.

 After all she is just one irritating bitch who thinks the world owes her everything. I do not even know why people are so fun of her, there isn’t anything special about her. 

even my boyfriend keeps going on and on about how she is such a good friend and that I should keep her closer to me bla bla… But anyway just a spoon of retex in her food or beverage will do the trick.



Have a blessed weekend from Scaresinfo’s Team. Thanks ???? 



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