Friday, December 13, 2019

Story Time: “THESE TEARS” by thando Insert #1



It was a very cold morning. I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was now left with a week till I give birth. Woke up to find my daughter messing up with my makeup as always nothing new. I sighed. Got out of bed gave her a peck on her lips, wore my sleepers as I made my way to the kitchen to prepare some cereal for us. I quickly warmed up milk then put rice krispies on 2 bowls. I heard footsteps running towards the kitchen.

(Read the story’s introduction…)

Sipahle : Thando where is my food?

Me : What a way for you to say good morning mom. Come sit here.

I made her sit on the kitchen counter chair. We ate finish then went to take a long hot bubble bath together. I was just not myself at all today. My baby bump was just very heavy on me and Imbasa was kicking non stop. Imbasa’s father hasn’t called, well I’m not surprised. His just either too busy or too tired for us lately, all I keep getting is excuse after excuses. My brothers have been warning me about him and advising me to end things but my heart just didn’t allow me too. The more he fucked up, the more I keep falling in love with him, strangest thing ever I know. That is one thing I hate about love, the more bad a person becomes for you, your heart keeps getting more attached to him. Reason why some girls even condone abusive relationships, no matter how abusive he is and how bad he hurts you it’s hard to let go and walk away. Anyway moving along.

The day was just such a drag, I called my brother asked him to come pick us up. Staying alone can be so boring sometimes, even dish satellite keeps repeating same programmes and movies. In 30 mins he arrived. Both my brothers had the key to my place, which made things much easier for me.

Me : That was quick

Him : Oh hayiwethu that’s a lie. Looks like that baby will pop out any minute from now. Where is my favourite niece?

Me : shame ulele loyo(she’s sleeping)

Him : Okay just take the bag to the car meanwhile I go pick her up.

He threw his car keys at me and I went straight to the car and did as I was told. He came out carrying her, then locked up and off we went

Me : Bhuti

Him : Yes?

Me : Did you cook?

Him : Hahahaha I should have known

Me : You know my situation mos

Him : Don’t I always?

Me : Jokes aside now

Him : Okay what do you wanna eat?

Me : Chicken feet with lots of peri peri sauce and avocado and cow head

Him : don’t tell me you expect me to go all the way to Alexandra for that

Me : I am pregnant ayindimu geez

Him : Just give birth already ayikho ngoku le.

Me : mmmmh


We drove all the way to Alex in silent. I was just browsing the net nothing much hey. Something caught my attention on facebook. I received a facebook request from Lerato Mopaka. Mopaka is Imbasa father’s surname and I have never heard him speak of any Lerato.  Anyway I browsed through this girl’s profile before accepting her request. She looks very pretty. Light in complexion, tall, has dimples and her weave game is on point. She would post mostly about God and all these bible verses. She had class judging from her pictures. I eventually accepted her facebook request. Minutes later she inboxed me

Her : Hey Girlfriend

Me : Hi

Her : How’s the pregnancy treating you? Tsholo can’t stop talking about you and the baby, he really loves you guys

Me : Mmmh no all is well thanks

Her : Okay chat later. Can’t wait to see you

Me : Me too I guess.

I decided to call Tsholo to ask him about this Lerato girl but his phone was on voicemail as always. Me and his little sister are friends we both the same age. I tried calling her she kept rejecting my calls, that’s strange. I went on app she was online. I sent her a text, in fact many texts she kept reading but ignoring me flat. I decided to let it be maybe she is busy with her boyfriend…





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