Saturday, November 17, 2018

South West:Senator promises to go on his knees to get parents to send their children to school


This senator is really bent on seeing schools resume, he said in kumba that he is willing to go as far as kneeling down for parents to send their children to school

Senator Nfor George Tabe Tando, a Business guru, said this at the kumba city council hall during an electoral visit of South West Senators.

Chief Tabe Tando launched the plea to schools officials, parents, churches and cultural groups. He pleaded with them to ensure that they contribute in their own quarter to send their children back to School this 2017/2018 academic year.
This senator said that the future belonged to children who had gone to school as they would be the ones to replace the lawyers, the teachers and other professions.
He went further to stressed that he came with a message of peace and urges all those who still have any grievances that the government of Cameroon is doing its best to solve the problem which was raised by lawyers and teachers in English speaking regions of Cameroon.

Senator Nfor Tabe Tando George then concluded that he would return in September to see if parents have respected his call.




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