Saturday, November 17, 2018

South west: Man illegally arrested by police dies in custody


Man dies in custody and it was gathered that John Suh who has been under police custody has been pronounced dead.

The terrible announcements was made public on August 21, 2017 after 5 gendarmerie intelligent officers stormed his home and took him under gunpoint to their detention cell on Friday August 18, 2017.

We learnt that Suh had health issues during his arrest, and all interventions for explanation about his health complications by his daughter Jessica and other relatives tohave him released even on bail went in vein.
John Suh, had a land dispute with one of his neighbours who is financially stronger than him, and it is based on his influence that Mr. Suh was arrested and detained illegally.
His corpse has been placed at the Kumba District hospital mortuary our source added.




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