Saturday, November 16, 2019
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South African Man Starts A Queuing Business


Unemployment has forced a local man to think outside the box – and he has done so spectacularly. Denny Nkuna earns his living by standing in queues for people who don’t have the time themselves.Desperate times call for desperate measures, or in this case, innovative measures.Unemployment remains a problem in South Africa but one man has decided to do something different and start a rather peculiar business.

Denny Nkuna is a Mechanical Engineer and Instrument Mechanician from Limpopo who will stand in line for you – if you pay him for his time.

The Daily Sun reports that the 29-year-old is willing to stand in queues at clinics, hospitals, banks, traffic and government departments and even grocery stores for R50 an hour.Denny got the idea after he has been struggling to find a job.”I thought about it for a month and started implementing the idea.

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Scaresinfo also learnt that another reason why he started his business was that he saw an opportunity when he noticed people have to stand in lines for a long time after being retrenched.

“They are being retrenched but there are no systems to make it easier for them in terms of queuing when they have to claim.”On the very first day that he started his new venture, Denny managed to get 5 other unemployed people to help him.”All my helpers are happy and agree with me that it is the best way of fighting hunger than to mug people.

“He even got his new employees reflectors with the words ‘1 QUEUE 4 YOU’ and his contact number printed on them.”I also posted it on social media to get more exposure.

I know that Rome was not built in one day but at least the message is out there.”Denny’s prospective clients call him and arrange the kind of service they need. It’s as easy as that.

For now, the new queuing business only operates in Limpopo but the father of a 3-month-old baby hopes to expand soon.”My wish is to expand to other provinces and hire more people. I am in the process of registering my business because I know my success depends on it.”



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