Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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South Africa: all you need to know about “Blessers”


Blesser, shugga daddy, shugga mummy… are the names given to those that go around making the young adults lazy.
These older men and women known as the blessers go around currupting these young adults especially female ones. 

A term has even been given to those that are being blessed known as -blessee 

Some blessers call their act of blessing -spoiling the blessée with money. 

The blessée actually spends a lot of money on the blessee and in return the blessee pays back in kind by doing whatsoever the blesser wishes. Most of the time the blessers prefer to be sexually satisfied. 
By the day these “blessers” are creating a new trade for the lazy and the naive who have no choice than to abide to their blessers. 

Students in particular are the ones faced by such pressure to join the trade due to the fact that most students by default are very answerable to money and end up doing crazy stuff when they are faced with the opportunity of making it easily. 

After questioning some few girls who are present blessees, they brought to our knowledge that being under a blesser is like you are the slave and he is the king. There’s no questioning to his rules…. you just abide. 

Some even went further saying they feel like they are in a jungle where the lion is the only one who makes the rule. 

The blessers don’t only have one blessee. They have several and they are categorized in levels says one of the blessee.

The levels differs by the gifts the blesser offers you. That is from buying you an iPhone 5,6 or 7; taking you out for shopping and traveling to Dubai.
The blessee had the right to only one partner which is her blesser. Once you are fond with another, you automatically loses all your offers from the blesser.

At the end of the day some blessees see it beyond the trade and are emotional tortured since they turn to fall in love with their blessers. 

Money might be the root of all evils but for the blesses it turns out to be the root of survival of the fittest. 



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