Friday, December 14, 2018

Sierra Leon’s death count keeps increasing as they bury their lost ones. 


Floods and landslides that hit Freetown on the night of 13-14 August killed 499 people, including 156 children, according to the central morgue of the Sierra Leonean capital, while rescuers are still searching for buried bodies. “Until Sunday morning, we counted 499 bodies that were buried” Said Mohamed Sinneh Kamara, who works at the mortuary of Freetown’s Connaught Hospital.

It was not possible to immediately confirm this information with the local Red Cross, requested by AFP. The most severe floods in the recent history of this poor West African country have killed 162 men, 163 women, 70 boys and 86 girls, as well as 18 people whose sex and age are unknown could be determined in details by Mr Kamara. The previous report reported 441 deaths, but several hundred people are still missing one week after the disaster.

International aid continues to arrive in the country, whose authorities have appealed to the international community, saying they are “outdated” by the scale of the disaster. On Sunday, a plane from Ghana landed with blankets, mattresses and clothing, followed by a plane chartered by Morocco.

At the same time, rescue workers continue the search of bodies to prevent the spread of diseases that usually occur after floods, such as cholera or diarrhea.



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