Monday, December 10, 2018

Serious measure against those respecting Ghost town in Manyu division


In an effort to stop Operation Ghost town popularly known as contri Sunday, the SDO of Manyu division has taken a drastic measure wich is to seal shops.

Some shops of business persons in Mamfe, Manyu division of the South West Region have been sealed following instructions from the Senior Divisional Officer, Oum II Joseph of the area.
The order that was passed recently went into effect within Manyu division begining with Manfe town, Monday August 28, 2017, targeting only shops that were shutdown as a result of the ghost town phenomenon.
Sources closed to the administration in Mamfe have been saying that the operation seal shops respecting Countri-Sunday, will continue each day there is ghost town.

We still waiting to see how the population would react to this latest development




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