Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Samuel Eto’o: The AFCON 2019 will take place in Cameroon … We are not worried!


Samuel Eto’o was one of the African guests of the week on Radio France Internationale, the legend of African football was expressed on the subject of the moment: the CAN 2019.

To the question of the RFI journalist to know if this CAN 2019, will it really take place in Cameroon? Here is the answer of the quadruple African gold balloon.

“It will take place in Cameroon. If you have seen in recent days, Cameroon is making incredible efforts. It is true that the president of the CAF [Confederation of African Football] at one point, in his desire to push the Cameroonian state to go much faster, had made a media outing. I say thank you because it woke us all up. And then today, if you arrive in Cameroon, it’s not just the stadiums because the CAN [Africa Cup of Nations] also brings infrastructure, roads and visibility for this country, for a month . Thank you to the CAF who was kind enough to trust our country. It prevents. All is not ready yet. There is a lack of infrastructure, including stadiums. ”

Like Brazil in 2014, Cameroon will catch up. “You know, everything is never ready. It’s not only in Cameroon and it’s not only in Africa. In 2014, FIFA wondered whether the World Cup would finally be held in Brazil because Brazil was not ready. But Brazil, in the end, was present and it will be the same in Cameroon. Added SEF.

About the Anglophone crisis (Limbe in the Southwest will host the CAN 2019), Eto’o wanted reassuring. “We are not worried. You know, it is true, Cameroon, at the moment, is experiencing tensions but I am convinced that we will find common ground because Cameroon is a land of peace. We like to live together and I’m not worried. I know that the matches will be played in Limbe. Limbe is 45 minutes from Douala. I am living in Douala and I am not worried about that. “.

Source : Radio France Internationale



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