Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Samsung Galaxy Note Fan edition revived with Unbelievable updates and reduced price!!!


 After so much rumors, Samsung galaxy Note7 has truly and finally come back as the Galaxy note Edition.

This is after the failure of the previous version which faced the problem of exploding batteries, a problem which made Samsung to recall all units they could recall.

They then vowed to fix the issue and then resale them, as an environmental safety measure which would stand out against all thos disposing electronic devices.

Another problem faced by Samsung was to release an S7 fan base edition which won’t steal the thunder of the upcoming 8 edition.

Everything has remained unchanged though apart from the battery size which has been reduced to avoid the problem faced by its predecessor of exploding batteries.

This comes along with features like a 12MP camera with optical image stabilization and super widef/1.7 aperture while the front has got a 5MP camera auto HDR.

The phone is waterproof with a fingerprint and iris scanner at the front while the back has a heart rate monitor The tech giant Samsung however has produced only 400000 units which would be sold at $611 compared to the $750+ of the note 7, with the hope that the phone would be sold out in less than a month


Source: TechMoran



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