Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Rwanda ?? Open To All Countries As of 1st January 2018


The Rwandan government has recently taken two acts exempting visas for African nationals and other countries. The first visa waiver for a period of 90 days for Africans from East Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa and Sadc countries) and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Another circular note from the Rwandan Immigration Services is a new visa regime that provides visa on arrival for all citizens of the world for trips not exceeding 30 days. At the borders, foreign residents will only have to present at the borders their residence cards, while binationals will only need their identity card. All of these decisions will take effect on January 1, 2018.


Rwanda is the first on the continent to abolish visas for travelers, according to a directive on the agenda of the African Union. The Africa Visa Openness Report 2016 ranked Rwanda 9th among the African countries that facilitate entry into their territory. In 2016, according to a government source, more than 10,000 work visas were issued to Africans, and at least 3 million people entered the country the same year. The Republic of Rwanda aims to develop tourism and has decided to facilitate the arrival of tourists. At the immigration office, they will now have a 30-day visa. All nationalities will benefit. The cost of the visa depends on the nationality of the traveler. Americans, Germans, or the English must pay thirty dollars. Until now, the country with a thousand hills made it especially easy for African passport holders to arrive, even though visa procedures were rather simple for other nationalities.



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