Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Did u know?Technology

Roads to generate energy enough to light up a whole city.


 You must have heard of electric cars now we are going to another level of Technology , we will be talking now of electric roads. This is a new project coming up and in six months it’s going to be all over California,USA.

I know you asking how can that be possible? 

With small generators called Peso electric devices. When pressure is applied to them, they produce electricity. So if they are embedded in the pavement, every passing vehicle will generate current which will be able to turn on light and power cell phones. 
Professor Dennis demonstrated how it can be possible. He even went on saying that they can be embedded on the floors of dancing clubs too to generate energy. 
A test program was made to know how much energy the Peso electric devices could provide; it was taken note that a 5 miles stretch of highway could power a small city for the entire year. 
One should take note that the program won’t envolve tearing up roads. The devices would be installed during routine highway maintenance and resurfacing. 
We hope the government won’t encourage traffic so as to generate more energy. ??
This should be an advantage to under developed African countries with no roads such as Cameroon so that they can easily embed the Peso electric devices to avoid double work later.  
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