Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Prostitutes in Cameroon go as far as drugging their babies just to make money.


To give you a glimpse into the world of prostitution, we are now in Miniferme and the prostitute has got to make money as everyone else is doing, but it’s hard to work money when your baby who is beside you is crying or restless.

This has pushed many sex works to go the extra mile of giving their babies hard drugs to keep them calm or get them to sleep, this is mostly common with babies who still need to be breastfed their babies. This revelation was made by the sex workers in response to interrogations with respect to the World Day against Abuse and Illicit Trafficking of Drugs observed every June 26.“Working with babies crying around and wanting to suck distracts us and also puts the babies in danger of abduction.

Sometimes tears stream down our cheeks as we watch our helpless babies laughing uncontrollably and falling asleep under the influence of these hard substances,” said one Marie Louise.

According to these sex workers, they can’t do without these illicit drugs as its not naturally easy to handle most of their clients who are often very harsh and brutal.  Most of these men do not view these ladies as humans but rather as sex objects which they can use in any manner. During the act, they pinch and pound them, pulling and biting every part of their bodies. One prostitute claims that by the time the night is over their bodies ache so much that not even pain killers can help, this therefore makes them to resort to drugs like marijuana and cocaine to ease the pain. They said the multi-dimensional role of these illicit drugs helps them enormously for they act as analgesics, aphrodisiacs (sex enhancers), and sedatives.

These prostitutes also use these drugs to steal from their clients by rubbing them on their breast after bathing so that by the time the client sucks the breast it induces him to sleep and they then make away his purse or other valuables.
When newcomers join the profession, one Annie Laure said, these hard drugs are used by brothel keepers to officially welcome them.“It is used as a baptism of fire. The newcomer is drugged and all the boys in the brothel gang-rape her to open up her tight private so she doesn’t have much pain when penetrated by men with different sizes and shapes of penises.
“Because of time factor in this our profession, there is absence of foreplay and romance before intercourse, so, men just dive into us and begin grinding unsympathetically in order to have full fun before their time elapses. As a result, they say they sustain blisters and wounds, especially for the beginners who are not used to being hammered by many men straightaway.
This method of gang-rape, they say, is the brothel boys’ own contribution to promote their business and to psychologically prepare them beforehand for any eventuality.“The places where we sometimes actually sleep or lie to have these agonizing intercourses are horrible. Most often, impatient clients just push us on a brick or into a nearby bush to have a quickie. Our waist, joints, elbows, and tummies ache seriously after such strenuous positioning.”Asked how they get the drugs, the prostitutes were rather evasive on the topic as they intimated that since these are contraband goods, the network is too complex to explain. But for other available drugs, they get them from roadside medicine sellers in the Miniferme neighborhood.


Source: Cameroon post



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