Friday, December 14, 2018

Proprietors of Private Schools in the North West say schools would only resume when all arrested detainees are released


From all sighns and indications, Proprietors of private educational system in the North West want to see the current anglophone problem come to an end.

This is shown with joint release signed by Proprietors and administrators of Private Higher Education Institutions in the North West Regional headquarters Bamenda which expresses optimism for Schools to resume by October 2017. This was expressed on Monday July 24 2017 in a meeting held in Bamenda.

They used the meeting to call on the government to do justice by granting an immediate and unconditional release of all Anglophones arrested. Suggested the to the President of the Republic to summon a National Education Forum that will review the educational system of the country.

They requested that government open new platform that will entertained Frank and meaningful dialogue to be staged between the government and educational stakeholders in order to find long and solution to the ongoing socio-political stalemate in the two English Regions of the country





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