Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Prof Maurice Kamto’s view on the Anglophone problem


The National President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement the MRC party has blamed the ongoing anglophone crisis on Biya regime. Stressing that the regime has spent all their time resolving nothing on the anglophone brouhaha.
Prof Maurice Kamto made this known Sunday August, 13, 2017 in the Littoral Regional Headquarters Douala during a meeting with the Press and a college of French speaking Cameroonian youths.

The former member of the Biya’s regime that resigned as Minister of Justice in November 2004, observed that the electoral code does not guarantee a sincere and credible political game in Cameroon.
He blamed President Paul Biya of Cameroon and a certain class of influential elite from the Ruling CPDM party for the Country’s failure in the construction of infrastructure for the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations.

Prof Kamto, frowned at the arbitrary arrests and subsequent convictions of innocent Anglophones.
The MRC national chairman, also used the avenue to call for the government to release with immediate effect all detainees arrested in connection with the current Anglophone stalemate.
According to him, the government has continued to implement wrong solutions to the problem. For Prof Maurice Kamto, the only way to resolve the crisis is to create a commission made up of credible people in the eyes of the populations.
Cameroon: The Only Way To Resolve This Crisis Is To Create A Commission Made Up Of Credible People In The Eyes Of The Populations.



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