Friday, December 13, 2019

President Obamas Basketball Jersey Auctioned for R1.7 million


Former US President Barack Obama’s high school basketball jersey – number 23 – went up for sale at auction and sold for an eye-watering R1.7 million.

The former head of state loves basketball and was himself quite the player in his heydays in Honolulu while attending Punahou School, even winning the High School Varsity Championship.

Barack Obama shoots the ball while playing as a guard for the state champion Punahou School basketball team, Hawaii, 1979. Source: Getty Images

CNN reports that fellow Punahou alum Peter Noble — Obama’s junior by three years — wore the same number 23 while a member of the junior varsity team as well. Interestingly, it only dawned on Noble that he was in possession of Obama’s former jersey when he spotted the former US president in a Sports Illustrated article wearing the same jersey.

Obama wore the number 23 Punahou jersey during his senior year as a member of the 1979 Hawaii State Champion boys’ varsity basketball.



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