Saturday, November 17, 2018

President Biya gives a pleasing answer to the Anglophone cry


And finally this what most people have been waiting to hear…The latest decision of Cameroon’s head of state Paul Biya to release the 25 detainees at the Kondegui Maximum security prison, arrested during the Anglophone struggle like Justice Ayah Paul Abine Agbor Bela and Mancho Bibixy is seen a giant step towards solving the current “Anglophone Crises”. This release was made in a Presidential degree sighned by The Secretary General at the presidency

According to the President this release and discontinuation of all Legal processes against these people is a way of promoting dialogue and a peaceful resolution of the problem.

The president went further to congratulate  the efforts made by the cameroon defense forces in maintaining peace and stability in the country during this period.
He also reiterated that anybody who further tries to undermine the integrity of the nation would be brought to book.

It should be noted that the release of everyone arrested in relation with the “Anglophone Struggle” had been the cry of many. And this actually comes in time as many are contemplating on whether schools are to resume in the two Anglophone regions




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