Tuesday, December 11, 2018

One of the Anglophones locked up at the Kondegui Prison has been set free


Though many people are still surprised and haven’t yet believed, we can now report with certainty that the South West Regional reporter of The Guardian Post Newspaper has been released.

Amos Fofung was released Saturday August 5, 2017 from the dreaded Kondengui Maximum security Prison after spending close to 6months. Nothing has been advanced for his release according to some people, Amos Fofung was practically innocent.

Other colleagues like Atia Tilarius, Chapter President of Cameroon English Speaking Journalists South West and Mufur Ndo?ng, Publisher of the Bamenda based Voice of the voiceless Newspaper are still pending.
Reasons for citing just the 3 Journalists out of the many is because all of them were practically arrested on thesame, thesame time and for some interconnected issues.

Since Amos Fofung, Buea bureau correspondent of The Guardian Post was released, many are still trying to understand why such measure was taken




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