Monday, December 10, 2018

Nurses from Meiganga hospital involved in human trafficking


On the 2nd of July 2017, nurses from Meiganga district hospital in the Adamawa Region were accused of cutting-off the leg of a stillborn baby. 

The judge who examined the file of the nurses found that there are sufficient facts to charge them for human trafficking.

The midwife and nurse implicated in this scandal were arrested by the police, taken to the Meiganga gendarmerie for investigation. They are currently in police custody at Meiganga Central Prison. 

On the 2nd of July 2017, a pregnant patient by the name of Aissatou arrived at the district hospital of Meiganga and gave birth to a stillborn baby. The doctor on duty who performed the operation, entrusted it to the care of the maternity nurses. 

The midwife who was on duty was instructed to take out the child from the mothers’s womb. 

But “The daily Mutations” newspaper of July 10th 2017, reports that according to the version delivered by the staff of this hospital, it was during this operation that the left leg of the stillborn baby was touched.

After the family members were informed of the baby’s death, they came to the hospital and collected the baby’s body already wrapped in a cloth.  They only had the courage to open the cloth at the cemetery where they discovered a leg of the baby was missing. 

They immidietly alerted the the police. On their arrival at the hospital, they searched everywhere till the police found the missing leg well packed in toilet papers in a drawer.

Even though the child is buried, his leg was sent to Ngaoundere for examinations. 



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