Saturday, November 17, 2018
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North West/South West: Reasons Why Cameras Are Implanted In These Regions


North West/South West: Surveillance Cameras Seemingly A Threat To The Population. Many Ask Why Now.

The Government is currently implanting surveillance cameras in some strategic areas in Bamenda, North West Region and Buea, in the South West Region of Cameroon with the intentions still classified.
An action which has been considered as another means of tracking down individuals having or nursing contrary views against the State.

The Cameras are systematically and carefully implanted with the main Cameras positioned at road junctions, Markets, Car Parks, Schools and major Streets within the metropolitan city of Bamenda. For example, the white survilliance Cameras erected on the pole is at City Chemist roundabout, in the heart of Bamenda.

These security cameras comes just months after South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, disclosed classified state secrets, that Government was tapping into people’s private phone conversations and keeping track of whatever thing they say.

According to him, he has compiled a blacklist of people who have already been found wanting due to the conversation they had with others in private.
Quote “I have a blacklist, and if I read 10 names here, at least three people sitting in this meeting will feature in there.”

In the wake of the phone tapping confession, some individuals also complained that their social media accounts have been hacked, blocked or even suspended.
This action of government implanting cameras in both English speaking regions has not been taken lightly by many.

According to a resident in Bamenda who prefers not to be named, quote “we do not see it as a means of solving the Anglophone Crises,but rather a another means to worsen issues.
Quote “We have been begging Government to install street lights in our town to fight rising insecurity to no avail; instead they have come with surveillance cameras to be watching our every move. How will this help the population? Are thieves stealing on the streets?” an inhabitant of Buea questions Santa Meteo Radio.
In the North West Regional capital of Bamenda, the cameras are erected nearly everywhere.

A cap driver said and I quote, “we know what they are doing, we know the cameras very well, although they are made to look like street lights…this Government is funny, instead of solving problems, they want to hide and spy on everyone”.

The driver, who refused to be named, further said, “I move around town carrying and dropping people, I have seen many of the Cameras and I wonder why the Government can take huge sums of money to buy equipment like that and spy on its citizens.”



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