Tuesday, December 11, 2018

North West: Sanctions Awaits Those Who Don’t Open Their Shops On Ghost Town Days-Vincent Nji Ndumu


All traders and shed owners in markets under the precincts of the Bamenda City Council, have been instructed to remain functionally open throughout each day of the week and sanctions awaits them if they don’t do so.

   This draconian measure was unveiled by the government delegate to the Bamenda City Council at the Bamenda congress hall Saturday August 26, 2017. 

    Vincent Nji Ndumu made it categorically clear to the shed owners and traders that all businesses within the precincts of the Bamenda City Council Markets should remain functionally open throughout each opening day of the week, and failure to do so shall attract corresponding sanctions meted out to defaulters. 

  He reiterated that such acts are unfounded. Taking into cognizance of the fact that the prevailing situation has paralyzed daily life, whereas its perpetrator mostly activists and agitators, who are virtually in hiding, some living comfortably in foreign lands or going to school along with their kids, the government delegate added.

   He reminded the businessmen and women that in the hot periods of the 1990s in Bamenda and the North West Region, dialogue gave room for a way forward to be arrived at, thereby avoiding a prolonged stalemate with the future of kids completely jeopardized as is currently the case.

  Vincent Nji Ndumu, dispelled false hopes being nursed by some unknown(s) of the independence of a new Anglophone nation on October 1, 2017.

  The government delegate of the Bamenda City Council, reiterated that the government of Cameroon has recognized the existence of an Anglophone problem as legitimate and is addressing same through various measures already taken, with more in the process of being taken.

  The city council boss, in a press statement said traders should take up the courage to create vigilante groups in work places and in neighborhoods, so as to assure personal safety and to be each other’s keeper and to conquer fear, in spite of what government continues to do to guarantee the security of civilians and property.

 Ndumu added that while continuing to do business as usual, every trader should immediately embark upon intensive preparations for kids to resume school, come September 4, 2017.

   Speaking to Scaresinfo team under conditions of anonymity, a business person fumed that the decision taken by the government delegate is really absurd and backward. He said if the anglophone crisis is getting worst each day, it’s due to such unpopular decisions. 

when will Ndumu learn that he is a big failure and is in the bad book of the President of the Republic. 

  Another trader, frowned at Ndumu, saying ” if I as an owner of my shop decides not to open, how does that concerns him. For her, Ndumu should be worried if and only when I don’t meet up with my obligations like paying taxes or paying council rents. She ended by saying that it’s really true that “whom the gods want to kill, they first of all make mad”.



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