Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Nigerian Breadseller turned model, Otlajumoke released new gorgeous photos of herself


The famous Breadseller turned model from Nigeria, Otlajumoke has shared  some new beautiful pictures of herself. And she talked about  her up-coming vlog. Fans are so excited about her success so far and keep  on wishing her all the best in her modelling job.

Cinderella might be a fairytale but as for the “Breadseller turned model” story, we are all living her fairy tale moments with her. This pretty woman known as Orisaguna is 28 years old and more to that she is not only a woman but a mother of two beautiful children.

How did she get in to the modelling industry?

Just like any normal breadseller Orisaguna was selling her bread in the streets of Lagos, she mistakenly photobombed the english musician Tinie Tempah and his photographer while they were  doing a photo shoot. The amazing part was that the picture was a perfect one and Tinie Tempah was so happy.

With Bello’s help(another singer who was present at the photo shoot scene) she was able to get a modelling contract from ” This Day Style



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